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Our Principles

Naturalness     Simplicity    Integrity

Balance Point Natural Medicine was founded in 2008 by Janet Fritts, an experienced, licensed and nationally board certified acupuncturist with a vision of creating a holistic medical practice that assists patients balance the body, mind, and spirit.


"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease."  Hippocrates

What is the Tao? 
The Tao [dao] is the natural order of things.  It is a force that flows through every living and sentient object, as well as through the entire universe.  When the Tao is in balance it is possible to find perfect happiness.

Tao is a force.  It just IS.  It's everywhere, all at once.  It flows through the entire world, and we're all affected by it, even if we don't realize it.

In Chinese medical thinking, illness is only one manifestation of an imbalance that exists in the entire person.  The object of Chinese medicine is the person, not just the illness. Body Mind and Spirit.


Acupuncture and the Health Care System:  At this time, one of the things that the health care system in the United States needs most is inexpensive, non-pharmaceutical, preventive care that is readily accessible to working class and middle class people, and is not entangled in the bureaucracies of insurance or government funding. 

Acupuncture is uniquely qualified to meet that need. 

Acupuncture, as itself, is radical simplicity.  Acupuncturists have had to make a choice between trying to carve out a profitable niche for themselves in a rotting system and trying to serve American culture as a whole.  BPNM is in a position to offer low-cost, low-tech, preventative and acute health care to almost everyone. 

Balance Point’s goal is to make acupuncture and herbal consultations more affordable and accessible.  BPNM provides affordable health care treatments in a intimate, comfortable and serene setting for anyone who is struggling financially:  self-employed, middle or working class; students, under-insured, unemployed; retired or on a fixed income, stay-at-home or single-parent households...or anyone simply unable to afford the high fees that most acupuncturists charge.


Integrity is composed of many elements but the key ones are honor, honesty and truth.  BPNM is open and honest with you about honoring your health and financial needs. We honor your health needs and we have an expectation that you will honor your own body, mind and spirit in the healing process.  The purpose of our fee structure is to separate the issues of money and treatment.

At Balance Point, we honor the individual and the community.  We honor your privacy as well as your need to balance your body, mind, and spirit.


Janet Fritts, C. Ac., Dipl. Ac.

Janet has been in practice in Milwaukee since her graduation from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in 2006.  In January 2008, she opened her own Chinese Medicine practice, Balance Point Natural Medicine, LLC.

 Janet is an experienced healer whose path was taken may turns with one underlying theme, healing.  As a child, Janet grew up in the midst of the family veterinary practice.  She shadowed her father who was a large and small animal veterinarian and a truly gifted healer.  Her mother ran the business and after 50 plus years of practice management evolved into an excellent triage technician.  This experience exposed Janet to many beautiful healings and hundreds of medical procedures which instilled her with a passion for easing pain and making the quality of life better.Her first career choice was Speech Pathology which eventually lead to the theater.  She received her bachelors in Theatre and Drama and her Masters of Fine Arts in Acting. Janet's years as an actor and college professor of theater arts deepened her passion for improving the quality of life by teaching, directing plays, and actively participating in the development of students and their educational curriculum.

The next turn in her path led to the corporate environment where she continued healing by making work-life better through writing how-to publications and procedures, as well as designing and delivering training.

The most recent turn along her path led back to medicine.  Only this time it was Holistic, Integrative and Oriental medicines.She currently practices Chinese medical therapies such as acupuncture, herbal remedies, acupressure, Tui Na massage, moxabustion, Gua Sha, Cupping and nutritional counseling as well as the following:  Constitutional Facial Acupuncture RenewalTM , Chinese Herbal Facials, CranioSacral Therapy, Reflexology, and Reiki.

​Janet is owned by one cat and loves to paint, sew and work crossword puzzles.

To schedule an appointment, please use our online scheduling option or call: (414) 975-1813.